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Project Description

This project is going to be a universal scene editor for Axiom 3D game engine. It is in pure C# and will be kept portable to MONO for compatibility with linux and OSx.

Unlike much other similar game designers that are even named as Game Engines, I am trying just to make an easy way to do the necessary visual part of job with this editor and not to replace the whole needed process of programming a game. It means you need to know the Axiom and do almost all of the non visual part of job your self. This is just a visual scene editor made on base of Axiom, and has a minimal code to make you able to load the generated XML formated file in your project without a need to write code in this part your self.

The life cycle of using AxiomGameDesigner

  1. Create your base scene using Heightmap producer, terrain designer or 3D modeling programs.
  2. Export it to a suitable format for using in Axiom 3D
  3. Create an engine descriptor project using this base scene in AxiomGameDesigner
  4. Add, edit, remove, move, scale and . . . objects, billboards, static geometry in your scene.
  5. save the whole designed scene in a xml descriptor file
  6. use the accompanying DescriptorFile class to load that file and inject its options into Axiom Root object instance of your choice.

Further Infos

  • Take a look at project's Show Page to see the screenshots of latest version.
  • Take a look at MONO migration report to see if the project is transferable or not.
  • Take a look at project's Future Way to see the future of the project.

Attention: for now this project is focused on Octree and Terrain SceneManagers and may have problems or bugs using other SceneManagers.

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